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If you have received a HUD demand letter alleging that you owe the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for a debt, you may be able to settle the debt by way of a HUD settlement by compromise.

According to the Federal Claims Collection Standards ("FCCS"), HUD has the authority to compromise debts for less than the full amount under certain circumstances.  A debtor can obtain a HUD settlement by compromise when:

(1) The debtor is unable to pay the full amount in a reasonable time, as verified through credit reports or other financial information;

(2) The Government is unable to collect the debt in full within a reasonable time by enforced collection proceedings;

(3) The cost of collecting the debt does not justify the enforced collection of the full amount; or

(4) There is significant doubt concerning the Government's ability to prove its case in court.

(b) In determining the debtor's inability to pay, agencies should consider relevant factors such as the following:

(1) Age and health of the debtor;

(2) Present and potential income;

(3) Inheritance prospects;

(4) The possibility that assets have been concealed or improperly transferred by the debtor; and

(5) The availability of assets or income that may be realized by enforced collection proceedings.

However, a debtor has a limited amount of time after receiving a HUD demand notice to submit a HUD settlement by compromise.  Usually, a debtor only has one opportunity to submit a compromise offer.

Protect Law Group has years of experience preparing settlements by compromise to governmental agencies such as HUD.  Protect Law Group knows the the intricacies of a successful HUD settlement by compromise and will provide you with aggressive and assertive representation in order to settle your debt.

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